Foreplay EP (Fruit Of Life)

by Inigo & Kamizi

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Its the fith release from liaoliao's eclectic Fruit Of Life label series and we have stepped back to the cosmic disco era. Mexican space disco traveller Iñigo Vontier has teamed up with Kamizi to create "Foreplay". A deep disco track with a heavy italo like bassline and catchy vocals that reminds us of MJ.
We have a cartel of Nu Disco players on the remix heist too. Ilya Santana, Earl Grey, Dan Solo and Evol Ai all supporting with electrifying effect!!!!


Kamizi, former singer and guitarist of Mexican rock band Ponyrex and cofunder of mexican label Mix Le Fun Records. His influences come from Morrisey's british rock to Daft Punks french electro. His main instrument is his voice and he nows how to use it to create catchy vocals with clever lyrics.

Iñigo Vontier is Part of acclaimed electrotropical duo Salon Acapulco and cofunder of Mix Le Fun Records. He has been producing under a number of aliases over the last 5 years and gaining international recognition with his releases on labels Gazeebo, No Static, NANG, Pizzico Recs and Disque Discos and his own Mix Le Fun. His main influences are sci-fi and italo disco creating a unique space disco sound with heavy basslines and vintage synths.

Earl Grey is the solo project of Danny Ashenden, who is otherwise know as one half of The C90s or one half of Say Yes to Another Excess (with Daniel Avery). It was all born out of a need to channel his own ideas and output his own productions and sounds. The idea being that there is no pigeon hole to any of the Earl Grey music, no singular sound or style is trying to be achieved. It is just a simple outlet of things that are created in the studio, whatever the style/bpm/influence of the music.

Ilya Santana's first release was on Daniel Wang’s label Balihu. Wang believed in his talent from the beginning and helped him greatly on his quest. He has since released music on several respected labels like Balihu, Tirk, Permanent Vacation, Airtight, Hoog Choons & Gomma - as well as remixing artists like Human league, Space, Zodiac, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lindstrom, Sugardaddy & more!

Evol Ai is artistic moniker of Slovenian based musician, producer and dj Alan Roposa. He claims to be a smile hunter and emotion cultivator, knowing that smiles and tears come from the same place. It’s the love in reverse, it is love in chinese and it’s what the “I” loves. His has releases out on the labels No Static and NANG, with his most recent effort "Dar K Disco" on Compost Disco featuring in popular global dance magazine Mixmag who quoted: "With releases on Nang under his belt and now Compost Disco, Slovenian producer Evol Ai is turning out to be quite an addition to the disco scene."

Dan Solo, based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dan Solo hails as one of the most interesting producers around the latin american bubbling disco scene. Multi-instrumentist & DJ, Dan developes a solid funk and fancy disco sound through his tunes & live performances as a DJ or with a full band show. Since his debut album 'Club Insomnio' was released, he's been touring all over Mexico, US & Europe performing alongside MGMT, Hot Chip, TV on the Radio, In Flagranti and many others After 'Club Insomnio', Dan Solo has been releasing tracks on international labels such as Nang, Electrique, No Static Records & +.


released November 4, 2013



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